Concerning Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The country of my citizenship and residence has invaded Ukraine, starting a war. That much I know from my friends and their relatives etc., and no amount of geopolitical bullshit about Biden/NATO/backyard/neonazis will change my mind, so please don't bother to even start.

Russian government has directly prohibited what I'm doing here since 2020, and I was prepared from the start to take a hit for it when I decided to go ahead. It would be kind of funny if I'm imprisoned for a publication or something like this text, which changes almost nothing, instead of the actual, useful anti-state activity of providing flow of funds without verifying anything about the sender or asking anything but the bare minimum about the recipient.

It wouldn't be a personal fun for me and will probably suffer a lot of downtime whenever this happens, but it's nothing compared to living in a bombed city, etc., so it doesn't matter much for now. If you search a person who deserves encouragement and praise for his bravery and support, consider Anton Kumaigorodsky, the author of SBW ( Lightning wallet, serving in an Ukrainian militia with a purpose to kill as much invaders as possible. Consider helping his country throwing out Russians away as soon as possible, so he can return to developing SBW, Hosted channels and other useful stuff. By doing it, you probably help Lightning Network more than by running a routing node. Consider donating to (Bitcoin accepted).

If you are a Reformed Christian like me, consider supporting Gennady Mohnenko's ministry or getting some directions where the help is needed: (if you're a Reformed Christian from the US, following him might also unfuck your mind about NATO/Biden/Geopolitical shenanigans, if there's any hope for you at all). continues to operate in both RUB and UAH directions. As I have no companions or technical personnel to oversee the service and top-up reserves when I'm not present, it can stop any time now. Fortunately I'm not a custodian for anyone's funds, and the invariant of either paying out fiat or getting your LN payment back should persist anyway.

Again, please spare me your warnings about what I'm doing being treason and putting me in a dangerous position. I believe in both grace and sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ, and if He decides that some time in prison will improve my weak faith, then I have no objection altogether. If He decides another way, then good luck for petty statist slaves catching me.

Good bye and thanks for all the fish